Debra Benson

Your Niche to Boss Lady

Today is one of those writers block days again.  This is what I call it.  I know some don’t agree that there could ever be a writer’s block because there is always something that gives inspiration to write.  Well, keep me on your well wishes list.


However, in order to grow your business there are some blocks you will need to release if you want to see growth. For instance if you want to launch your coaching business you can’t very well believe that by having created your website that it’s enough to get the word out about the service you offer.  You can’t let the fear of being visible stop you from talking about what your do.


This was my main challenge when I started as a business coach.  I was fearful that my message was not clear enough and I wouldn’t reach my ideal client’s attention.  But the real problem was I wasn’t sure on my Niche.  I needed Niche Clarification.  Once I got niche clarity I was able to let go of the fear and show up as Boss Lady representing my business.

Tell me  what’s one fear you need to let go of to show up like the Boss you are?  Book a Free Client Attraction Breakthrough mini session HERE, let’s talk about it.

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