Debra Benson



While you may only be working two full days and evenings on your coaching business be advised, it’s perfect. Use what you got.

Yes it may seem like not enough time. You can always scale later. You are building business.

I use to feel intimidated by other coaches saying you should make a post at least 3 to 5 times a day. I truly get it. The more the better because your audience is not always online when a single post is made.

However, this gave me anxiety trying to measure up. For real. I wanted to make it happen so badly. I’ve even tried using a scheduler or manually posting consistently. However, the problem was still there. You can only get so much time out of time. And the two full days and evenings were a gift.

I decided to make excellent use of the two days I was granted.  I showed up and offered support.

These were a few of my thoughts to keep me moving toward my dream:

  •  Be thankful for the schedule I have to write my post and talk about how I could help my potential clients reach their goal and activate new marketing strategies.
  • I’m building business it’s not always an instant win.
  •  My marketing plan is not permanent it’s allowed to change.

When I decided to follow my plan no matter what nobody else was doing I was happier and able to celebrate my small wins as they happened. And experienced less anxiety. So can you!

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