Debra Benson

Track Your Time

Success on Your Terms: One Small Thing You Can Do to Ensure You’re Spending Your Time on What Matters Most

…It’s important to use your time wisely. You can easily get side tracked just being busy with stuff that will not bring in revenue, hiding behind all those tools and not building business wealth.

// Here is a tip for that, which will help you live life on your on terms with balance. //

…‘Track Your Time’ Try tracking it in 15-minute increments or just portions of your work day that are not giving you the results your need to achieve your goal of Freedom To Do What You Love On Your Own Terms.

…Did I hear you say, “Do what?”

// That’s correct, “Track your time. Tracking your time helps you set priorities, eliminate distractions, and overwhelm. You get consistency and cutting the noise where to focus and then actually focusing.” //

When you eliminate the distractions and the unnecessary tasks at the moment you will have more quality time to craft a perfect message to attract more paying clients and reach your goal of freedom to live life on your own terms, with unlimited income potential and flexibility in schedule.

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