Debra Benson

The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy

The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy

I know it may seem impossible to reach your great business goals.  You’re thinking you’re almost to retirement and it’s a scary thing to start a business because you’re older.  Over forty is not old.

Dreams and goals matter so you should follow them and enjoy the process.  So don’t worry too much because you haven’t booked any discovery calls and your calendar has been empty for six months. The beginning is always the hardest.   Keep doing the essential things.

Do you wonder what could be wrong with your marketing copy because it’s not drawing the attention of your ideal client therefore it’s difficult to build relationships and get sales.

How can you ever have confidence in your marketing if no one is responding to your offers? How can you ever get them on a phone call.  This is discouraging but you’ve got to believe in the value you’re offering and that it’s juicy for consumption.

I understand the position you’re in.  This happened to me a few months after starting  my business.  My confidence was on the low end of the scale.  For some reason I just didn’t feel  my marketing copy was good enough.  And the silence from my audience convinced me it was true.

Every week I would get an email update from my service provider no booked calls for me.  This was hard to take at times.  Especially since I knew my service would change someone life for the good and help them be successful in their life.

Believe it or not knowing exactly who your services are for and what steps they take to reach their goals, gives you a good idea what exact words to put in your marketing copy so it gets the attention of your ideal client.

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To business growth!

Debra Benson

Business Optimist Coach

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