The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy

The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy

I know it may seem impossible to reach your great business goals.  You’re thinking you’re almost to retirement and it’s a scary thing to start a business because you’re older.  Over forty is not old.

Dreams and goals matter so you should follow them and enjoy the process.  So don’t worry too much because you haven’t booked any discovery calls and your calendar has been empty for six months. The beginning is always the hardest.   Keep doing the essential things.

Do you wonder what could be wrong with your marketing copy because it’s not drawing the attention of your ideal client therefore it’s difficult to build relationships and get sales.

How can you ever have confidence in your marketing if no one is responding to your offers? How can you ever get them on a phone call.  This is discouraging but you’ve got to believe in the value you’re offering and that it’s juicy for consumption.

I understand the position you’re in.  This happened to me a few months after starting  my business.  My confidence was on the low end of the scale.  For some reason I just didn’t feel  my marketing copy was good enough.  And the silence from my audience convinced me it was true.

Every week I would get an email update from my service provider no booked calls for me.  This was hard to take at times.  Especially since I knew my service would change someone life for the good and help them be successful in their life.

Believe it or not knowing exactly who your services are for and what steps they take to reach their goals, gives you a good idea what exact words to put in your marketing copy so it gets the attention of your ideal client.

If you want to be crystal clear on who you serve and the steps you take them through for their transformation, take a few minutes to schedule a free 15-minute Client Attraction Breakthrough Session HERE and learn how to be a magnet and attract more clients consistently.

To business growth!

Debra Benson

Business Optimist Coach

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Feel the fear and promote the benefits anyway

Tina is a New Business Strategist and is scared to promote herself online. She’s not sure what to say in her marketing message. So she’s stuck.
I get it I have been in her shoes. And they were uncomfortable. They were down right uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to describe what I did in a way that commanded my ideal client’s attention or demonstrate the value I had for them. One thing for sure, it’s overwhelming and frustrating when you can’t figure it out on your own why your marketing copy is not producing results.
My advice was to make sure she was positively clear on the burning problem she solved and who this ideal client was. Once she knew this then it will be unbelievably clear what she would talk about in her marketing copy. Tell them about the benefits and the results put them on blast.
This is not something I’m just casually talking about I did this process myself with my marketing content and it gained new life. I saw more engagement than ever before. And my business gained traction.
When Tina got all of her mega ideas sorted out on which passion she would create her dream business from she was well on her way to making extra money from her sustainable side hustle which is a bonus as she works her 9 to 5.
And the fear of diving out into the market place to promote herself became enjoyable.
This will be fruitful for you as well once you are sure about your niche and describe how you help them in an attractive manner then watch your business grow. If you want to have a friendly chat about how this is possible, I’ll be around.

To business growth.

Debra Benson
Business Optimist Coach for New Coaches

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The Mean Wolf And Writing For Your Business

Clarity from the talk


I recently participated in a writing challenge it was a Shut Up  And Writeathon event and the mean wolf.   This challenge pushed me to make necessary shifts in my thought process.  It focused on discipline to just write, write for your business.  If we didn’t like what we wrote it could always be burned (literally) but safely.
If not all but most of us when it comes to shutting up and write it’s a battle, the challenge within us and the external ones.  One main character we dealt with most in the 10-day event was called the (mean wolf).  Your mean wolf can be named anything it can be male or female. This is the one who keeps talking in your ear.  Telling us we’re not good enough to write.   Telling us no one will find our writing interesting and so on.

However, what I’ve learned is that the mean wolf is really a perfect crutch to get what you want.  Why I say this because if you play your cards right and show up to write you will get exactly what you need to move forward with writing for your business.  The key is to have dialogue, with the mean wolf and he or she will tell you everything you need to know including how to write specific and focused material for your business to target and grow your client list by letting them know what a great experience they will have in working with you.

One way to silence the mean wolf somewhat is to be laser focused on what it is you want to present.  And your writing must be specific to it one thing at a time.  So preparation is vital and it won’t be overbearing when you have done your homework and have you signature system in place.  With this in place, you will be prepared to shut up and write and use the mean wolf to further clarify things with you about your offers and more.

When I finished the Shut Up And Writeathon challenge there were five main points for me I want to keep doing and that is to:

  1. Set aside time to write for my business (also this is personal time and time for reflection overall).
  2. Let the negative voice (the mean wolf) as we called him in the challenge continue to push me over writing obstacles, seek clarity, and use him/her as the perfect crutch.
  3. Have a specific point to make.
  4. Realize it’s okay to not be perfect.
  5. Write to enlighten my thought process.

Early on I talked about the writing challenge I participated in.  It’s really amazing when you set aside time to write and with the mean wolf talking in your ear and possibly pointing a finger as well you don’t stop putting words on paper but write anyhow for ten minutes or thirty and be rewarded with self-pleasure and you realize it wasn’t  so bad after all once you learned that you found clarity after having dialogue with the mean wolf.

Action steps for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

If you love PODCASTS you will love this one.  I chat with Sandy Mangis from the Joy of Success!  I share my perspective in helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs in mapping out their content strategies + action steps for Webinars, Blog Posts, and Social Media Posts for at least two weeks in advance.

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Free market strategy call

Congrats! I am offering you a free strategy call!

First I want to start by saying CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re not used to winning stuff, then this should be extra exciting for you.

Recently, I was reviewing my mailing list and noticed that there were a few subscribers who really stood out.

These subscribers were loyal…opening emails, registering for events, purchasing products and services, asking me about how they can create AN ATTRACTIVE OPT-IN and create at least TWO WEEKS of Content in Advance along with LIST BUILDING without working so hard while still reaching financial goals.

I decided to say thank you TO YOU and THOSE SUBSCRIBERS by offering a complimentary 30 Minute “Next Steps” Work Smarter Strategy Session, designed to help you determine what your top 3 immediate next steps are for you in your business in order to reach your goals ending this year and as we head into the New Year.

I have decided to offer this to you because I appreciate your support, opening and reading my emails and being in my community! So Congrats! These sessions are usually $27 and you have won one for free.

So, here’s how the call will work:

1. We’ll start by quickly catching up and getting to know each other (I like to be friends with the people I do business with).

2. I will ask you to share something that’s working in your business, something we can celebrate (I like to set the stage for a positive call).

3. We will talk about what’s going on in your business right now and what your goals are.

4. I will help you get very clear on what your next steps are.

5. We will talk about how we can continue to work together.

6. I will send you a recap of our call via email.

Now that you know what to expect, I’m happy to invite you to schedule your 30-minute next steps Market Smarter Strategy Session by clicking HERE.


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Goals, priorities, and intentions


Tip:  Focus on writing compelling copy so that you attract your potential client.

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