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The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy

The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy I know it may seem impossible to reach your great business goals.  You’re thinking you’re almost to retirement and it’s a scary thing to start a business because you’re older.  Over forty is not old. Dreams and goals matter so you should follow them and enjoy the process.  So…

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Feel the fear and promote the benefits anyway

Tina is a New Business Strategist and is scared to promote herself online. She’s not sure what to say in her marketing message. So she’s stuck. :: I get it I have been in her shoes. And they were uncomfortable. They were down right uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to describe what I did…

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The Mean Wolf And Writing For Your Business

Clarity from the talk   I recently participated in a writing challenge it was a Shut Up  And Writeathon event and the mean wolf.   This challenge pushed me to make necessary shifts in my thought process.  It focused on discipline to just write, write for your business.  If we didn’t like what we wrote it…

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Action steps for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

If you love PODCASTS you will love this one.  I chat with Sandy Mangis from the Joy of Success!  I share my perspective in helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs in mapping out their content strategies + action steps for Webinars, Blog Posts, and Social Media Posts for at least two weeks in advance. Listen to…

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Free market strategy call

Congrats! I am offering you a free strategy call! First I want to start by saying CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re not used to winning stuff, then this should be extra exciting for you. Recently, I was reviewing my mailing list and noticed that there were a few subscribers who really stood out. These subscribers were loyal…opening…

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Goals, priorities, and intentions


Tip:  Focus on writing compelling copy so that you attract your potential client. Would you like to have more on business strategies, tips, and excellent resources?  Join my group of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing ideas and successes.  Click to Join.

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