How To Make Better Content


Let’s start with looking at who you are preparing this content for.  Without understanding this fully you will be off target.

Then you can decide when you will set aside time to create this original content.  This content is centered around what your target audience needs and wants to accomplish with their goals.

If you are not sure what your audience needs then you will need to ask to make sure you are knowledgeable of this and your writing of content will support them and they will respond.

Focus is key.

Streamline Your Niche for Better Reach

I set the alarm clock on the nightstand to remind myself of my upcoming group program.  I believed that this class was the one for me. (This would be my breakthrough to finally start up a new profitable business.

I still worked a 9 to 5 job with a demanding schedule.  However, I committed not to let routine wave me off from my goal to have a business that made me extra money.

The opening day for the program was what I expected.  There was a clear outline what to expect with each module.  Although after completing the first assignment in the program I had self-doubt and anxiety ran through physically.

My thoughts were in the past. (Another attempt to find a business that really worked for me to supplement my income to not pan out)

The problem was in my decision.  The niche I chose was too broad.  It wasn’t specific enough.

This was confirmed by my potential clients.  You see I didn’t motivate anyone to hop on a call with me.  This was discouraging.  In fact dancing to a little R&B boosted my spirits like no other.

So I took the rhythm  I gained, invested in help to streamline my niche so it made sense with my passion and the person I wanted to work with got it as well.

I sometimes hear this is a problem for those thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, those already in business or those re-inventing their business.

I’m telling you my story about streamlining my niche so I could show you how I can help you do the same.  We can team up together so you can get confidence and assurance in what you get done for other people and be able to show them the value in your service.

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To business development!

Debra Benson

Your Business Planning Coach




Working With Paid Clients

Have you been wanting to work with paid clients consistently?

Are you tired of not knowing who you work with or what your message is?

Do you get stuck when people ask you what you do?

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When Traffic Arrives To Your Door Step


When traffic arrives to your door step via your online business or your social media profile do they feel this is where I need to be?  This is what I’ve been looking for?  This is not so easily determined.  It takes monitoring over a period of time to figure this out, although, there are a couple of ways to make sure your arriving visitors do feel welcome and pleased they stopped by.

Make sure your message in your description and your about page has your personal story included with a few details about your journey on how it relates to the program you would like to offer and how your offer quenches your potential clients desire.

Test to see if you are creating value of relevance for their hunger and need.  You can do this by creating content such as a webinar, training videos, lists, eBooks’, etc. on a specific topic as a way to get their subscription to your newsletter where they will receive more great information to help them reach their business growth and development.

Visitors arriving to your door step where ever they find you online will gladly return to your site, be a returning client if your message resonates with them and the content you create show them a way to scale their business as well.

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