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How To Make Better Content


Let’s start with looking at who you are preparing this content for.  Without understanding this fully you will be off target. Then you can decide when you will set aside time to create this original content.  This content is centered around what your target audience needs and wants to accomplish with their goals. If you…

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How to Combine an Old Subscribers List to Your Current Free Offer

After experimenting with several opt-ins my list was expanding. I had an old and a new one.  Before this I was struggling to create an offer that people were interested in.  Now that I had grown my list , now what? What additional type of content should I send helping solve their business problem?:: I…

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Streamline Your Niche for Better Reach

I set the alarm clock on the nightstand to remind myself of my upcoming group program.  I believed that this class was the one for me. (This would be my breakthrough to finally start up a new profitable business. I still worked a 9 to 5 job with a demanding schedule.  However, I committed not…

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The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy

The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy I know it may seem impossible to reach your great business goals.  You’re thinking you’re almost to retirement and it’s a scary thing to start a business because you’re older.  Over forty is not old. Dreams and goals matter so you should follow them and enjoy the process.  So…

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Feel the fear and promote the benefits anyway

Tina is a New Business Strategist and is scared to promote herself online. She’s not sure what to say in her marketing message. So she’s stuck. :: I get it I have been in her shoes. And they were uncomfortable. They were down right uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to describe what I did…

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3 Tips How Not To Give Up On Your Dreams

Keep the big picture in your mind that reminds you of your destination. Dreams give you drive and energy to press on. There are often rewards at the end of the goal. Such as: Shopping Lunch with a friend A trip to the movies etc. As entrepreneurs, we can live our dreams. People do it…

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