Feel the fear and promote the benefits anyway

Tina is a New Business Strategist and is scared to promote herself online. She’s not sure what to say in her marketing message. So she’s stuck.
I get it I have been in her shoes. And they were uncomfortable. They were down right uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to describe what I did in a way that commanded my ideal client’s attention or demonstrate the value I had for them. One thing for sure, it’s overwhelming and frustrating when you can’t figure it out on your own why your marketing copy is not producing results.
My advice was to make sure she was positively clear on the burning problem she solved and who this ideal client was. Once she knew this then it will be unbelievably clear what she would talk about in her marketing copy. Tell them about the benefits and the results put them on blast.
This is not something I’m just casually talking about I did this process myself with my marketing content and it gained new life. I saw more engagement than ever before. And my business gained traction.
When Tina got all of her mega ideas sorted out on which passion she would create her dream business from she was well on her way to making extra money from her sustainable side hustle which is a bonus as she works her 9 to 5.
And the fear of diving out into the market place to promote herself became enjoyable.
This will be fruitful for you as well once you are sure about your niche and describe how you help them in an attractive manner then watch your business grow. If you want to have a friendly chat about how this is possible, I’ll be around.

To business growth.

Debra Benson
Business Optimist Coach for New Coaches

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