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Letting Go to Grow

Letting go in order to grow your biz.

Letting go of your fear to be visible.

Letting go of your self-doubt you have value.

Letting go of the not good enough behavior to show up in the market place.

Free up your thoughts to move forward in your dream to impact the world as a coach. You can’t sit on the side lines forever or keep hiding behind tools, processes, and methods. It’s time to move to the next level in your business where you:

Have confidence in writing your social media posts, blog posts, and other content creation.

Have boldness to show up and promote yourself and get clients consistently.

This is possible with the right client attracting message to draw your potential client in by using their words that makes a compelling offer. Your message will do this if it is specific and talking to one person, solving one big problem and describing the transformation, the client desires.

Do you agree?

All the best,

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Don’t Stop Trying To Reach Your Target Audience

You got brave and posted your message on several social media platforms describing the problem you solve and how you do it. You felt marvelous about doing it too. You know, after studying the outline from the freebie you got the other day on how to get out of your comfort zone and be known, you were pumped to take that leap and you did. That’s a big achievement!
>>But a day or two passed while you waited with anticipation and checking your email for notification “appointment scheduled by client”, it never happened.
>>You’re still struggling to write the right message for the right people with confidence, so you can get positive results.
This problem can be solved. Here’s something to think about:
>>Maybe your message wasn’t clear enough about the specific problem and what your service do to help it get solved. So, this means your marketing message didn’t reach your ideal client. They didn’t understand you were talking to them.
This is where my service can help you, with a one-on-one 90-minute VIP session, Nail Your Marketing Message. We will work through simple formulas for attracting the right people to you.
>>If this sounds like something you’re interested in. Schedule one of my FREE 15-minute Business Correspondence Calls and we will see if we are a good fit to work together. Let me know I’m at your service.
Join us in my Free Facebook Group ‘Client Attraction for Service-Based Businesses’ the group is about  helping women who want to start a service-based business or just have a few clients.
Much success, ♥️
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Here are three ways to get clarity back in the day to day tasks!

You may have tons of sticky notes posted all over the place on your desk, on manila folders, or even attached to your computer. You are so stressed all the time and you see clearly why.

You just want to relax and enjoy life while still getting everything done and on time.

What you need to do is clarify what need to be done first. So start by taking a close look at your to-do list. Three things to consider while doing this:

  1. Which task has to do with monthly profit projections? Don’t be putting unnecessary time into things that are not bringing in money.
  1. Review your marketing strategy. Make sure you are showing up as intended with your message.
  1. Take a look at your appointment schedule! Plan how to get people on a call with you.

Now, see which task need to be first, second and so forth.

★ Most importantly decide which task is STAT that needs to be done right now. Then, of course, move on to the next priority. ★

When you have a keen eye on your monthly profit needs, your marketing strategy, and how you plan to bring in new clients will help you be successful.

And yes, it’s always cool to have someone there to make sure you are on track, with your to-do list or just to help you with your marketing strategy. I have found this was so helpful in helping me to success with having a coach.

If you need my help in getting clarity in a particular area Marketing Message, Marketing Strategy or Business Clarity let’s get on a free 30 minute {NO Cost } Business Clarity Call together!



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The Mean Wolf And Writing For Your Business

Clarity from the talk


I recently participated in a writing challenge it was a Shut Up  And Writeathon event and the mean wolf.   This challenge pushed me to make necessary shifts in my thought process.  It focused on discipline to just write, write for your business.  If we didn’t like what we wrote it could always be burned (literally) but safely.
If not all but most of us when it comes to shutting up and write it’s a battle, the challenge within us and the external ones.  One main character we dealt with most in the 10-day event was called the (mean wolf).  Your mean wolf can be named anything it can be male or female. This is the one who keeps talking in your ear.  Telling us we’re not good enough to write.   Telling us no one will find our writing interesting and so on.

However, what I’ve learned is that the mean wolf is really a perfect crutch to get what you want.  Why I say this because if you play your cards right and show up to write you will get exactly what you need to move forward with writing for your business.  The key is to have dialogue, with the mean wolf and he or she will tell you everything you need to know including how to write specific and focused material for your business to target and grow your client list by letting them know what a great experience they will have in working with you.

One way to silence the mean wolf somewhat is to be laser focused on what it is you want to present.  And your writing must be specific to it one thing at a time.  So preparation is vital and it won’t be overbearing when you have done your homework and have you signature system in place.  With this in place, you will be prepared to shut up and write and use the mean wolf to further clarify things with you about your offers and more.

When I finished the Shut Up And Writeathon challenge there were five main points for me I want to keep doing and that is to:

  1. Set aside time to write for my business (also this is personal time and time for reflection overall).
  2. Let the negative voice (the mean wolf) as we called him in the challenge continue to push me over writing obstacles, seek clarity, and use him/her as the perfect crutch.
  3. Have a specific point to make.
  4. Realize it’s okay to not be perfect.
  5. Write to enlighten my thought process.

Early on I talked about the writing challenge I participated in.  It’s really amazing when you set aside time to write and with the mean wolf talking in your ear and possibly pointing a finger as well you don’t stop putting words on paper but write anyhow for ten minutes or thirty and be rewarded with self-pleasure and you realize it wasn’t  so bad after all once you learned that you found clarity after having dialogue with the mean wolf.

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Is It Slow Growing Your Mailing List?


Perhaps growing your mailing list these last thirty days has been a great challenge.  To say the least it’s been a downright disappointment.   Your list has grown but you didn’t get the additional fifty subscribers you wanted.  Pat yourself on the back even if you got one add to your list.  You’re just starting out everyone has to start somewhere.   The thing to remember is, this challenge to list build can be meaningful.  It will require consistency with your strategies.  So, one way to do this is to have clarity on your business message that states what your do, how you do it, and what someone will walk away with, after working with you.  Last, but not least be consistent where you show up with this message in your promotions.

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When Traffic Arrives To Your Door Step


When traffic arrives to your door step via your online business or your social media profile do they feel this is where I need to be?  This is what I’ve been looking for?  This is not so easily determined.  It takes monitoring over a period of time to figure this out, although, there are a couple of ways to make sure your arriving visitors do feel welcome and pleased they stopped by.

Make sure your message in your description and your about page has your personal story included with a few details about your journey on how it relates to the program you would like to offer and how your offer quenches your potential clients desire.

Test to see if you are creating value of relevance for their hunger and need.  You can do this by creating content such as a webinar, training videos, lists, eBooks’, etc. on a specific topic as a way to get their subscription to your newsletter where they will receive more great information to help them reach their business growth and development.

Visitors arriving to your door step where ever they find you online will gladly return to your site, be a returning client if your message resonates with them and the content you create show them a way to scale their business as well.

P. S. For support and community as you grow your business to the next level from where you are join us in my free Facebook Group ‘Design Your Dream Business Hub’ HERE.