Debra Benson

How to Combine an Old Subscribers List to Your Current Free Offer

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After experimenting with several opt-ins my list was expanding. I had an old and a new one.  Before this I…

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Streamline Your Niche for Better Reach

4:59 pm | 0 Comments

I set the alarm clock on the nightstand to remind myself of my upcoming group program.  I believed that this…

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The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy

8:48 am | 0 Comments

The Magnet in Your Marketing Copy I know it may seem impossible to reach your great business goals.  You’re thinking…

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Feel the fear and promote the benefits anyway

3:52 pm | 0 Comments

Tina is a New Business Strategist and is scared to promote herself online. She’s not sure what to say in…

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3 Tips How Not To Give Up On Your Dreams

6:10 am | 0 Comments

Keep the big picture in your mind that reminds you of your destination. Dreams give you drive and energy to…

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