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Excellent health leads to exceptional marketing.

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You do all you can to market your business but still aren’t getting any clients.

You set up event after event with great anticipation…only to have no one show up. You create thoughtful social media posts, but they get crickets as well. All you want is to help people feel better through your holistic or wellness business.

Working with actual paying clients is your main goal—but where are they? Why aren’t they responding?

Doubt starts creeping in: Is my message uninspiring? Am I not doing the right things? Your hard work hasn’t paid off, you’re confused and frustrated, and you have no idea what to do next.

Sound familiar?

Your business needs visibility, but it also needs to be seen by the right people, with the right message.

I can help you bring your business into the spotlight.

I’ll help you get clear on how to market to your ideal client using a clear message and an action plan that's fun to implement and gets results.


Imagine waking up to a fully booked schedule in your coaching business. Imagine having confidence that your marketing tactics will continue to bring in more clients, consistently.

This is what I help clients do. As a Holistic Business Coach, I empower holistic health coaches and wellness professionals to improve their marketing so they can reach more clients and increase their time, freedom, and money to do the things they love.

For over 17 years, I’ve been in the healthcare industry helping corporate employees learn about heart health risk, risk factors, and proper nutrition. I firmly believe that health and wellness are essential to thrive in any job, but especially as a solo business owner.

That’s why I’m all about Feel Good Marketing. When you feel good, your message is clearer and more inspiring. Your marketing shines. Your business begins to thrive.

Ready to thrive? Ready to make marketing more fun and effective?

It is incredibly hard especially when you are going it alone. Which is why your services are so important. You see things that people don't see in themselves. You also see how by making tiny changes they will grow. People don't always identify that.

- Gill Fountain

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work with me

Each coaching session goes for 50 minutes and can be done over the phone, or virtually on Zoom.

Single Feel Good Marketing Session: $100

1 x 50 minute session to talk about the most effective ways you can eliminate your marketing woes.  Perfect for getting some fast-track advice.

Five Feel Good Marketing Session: $450

5 x 50 minute sessions where we meet every 2 weeks to discuss your marketing priorities and get you back on track. Ideal for small business clarity issues.

Ten Session Feel Good Start-Up Essentials: $870

10 x 50 minute sessions to unlock your business foundation to start attracting paying clients—a must for the long-term health and success of your business.

Before you purchase a package, we need to have a quick chat to make sure we are a good fit for working with each other.

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